It’s a tough feat, we know.

But Christmas is all about sparkles, sequins and shining brighter than the exteriors of a house in Crumlin and we must bow down to these rules of Christmas sparkles.

For many years, our festive season wear was limited to totally naff bejeweled body-con dresses and sequined over-sized clutch bags. But in the last number of years, High St retailers from across the globe have totally stepped up the chic-sequin game and the Christmas offering is less naff, more Studio 54 meets New Years Eve – and we are loving it!

There are definitley some rules one must adhere to, in order to not look like a Christmas tree – albeit a very pretty Christmas tree no doubt.

Pick an area to glitter’fy

As much as we’d love to throw glitter all over ourselves and become reborn as Unicorn Kweens, if you want to take a more subtle approach to festive dressing, stick to one product covered in sequins. Whether it’s a bag, a belt, a dress of a pair of boots, less is more when it comes to sequins.

Keep it simple

If you’re going for an all-over sequin dress, keep the rest of your outfit super simple and let the dress do the talking.

Don’t forget your make-up

Don’t neglect your face when it comes to upping the Christmas cheer/sparkle. If you’re a newbie to the trend, try out a super sparkly stand-out eye and go hell for leather with the highlighter. It is Christmas after all!

Or you could just go all out gliterrati like Kendall – whatever tickles your fancy.

told me the party was "bitchin"

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Check out a collection of our favourite sequin products on the HighSt right now, below.



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