Inspirational quotes are adorning hundreds of bedroom/ office walls across the globe today. Waking up every, single, freakin’ day with these “motivational” quotes bearing down on you, it’s just too much. Me thinks Influencers have a lot to answer to for this to be honest…

But what about the days that you aren’t arsed with living, laughing and loving? Maybe I don’t want to “Believe In Your Dreams” every day…snore. And perhaps it’s bad advice to say to “Never Let Go Of Your Dreams” when your dreams are to win the Euromillions, spend a massive chunk of that on yourself and retire. Not going to happen.

And that’s not even including the ones that have a slightly meaner tone off them;

“You Did Not Wake Up Today To Be Mediocre” erm that’s why I call it Mediocre Monday.

“You Are Your Only Limit” lying in bed with the mother of all hangovers.

“There Is No Elevator To Success, You’ll Have To Take The Stairs” well I’m not moving until the elevator is back in order.

Not bothered having these judgy/ non-relatable quotes staring down on you on the daily? Yes, us either. We scoured Etsy to find some quotes that actually relate to the lives we live today.


Us, waking up every, single day.


For the person that needs reminding sometimes. Eh, that’s all of us.


And she’s a bitch.


That’s our kinda motivation.


When you’re asked to leave your house at short notice.


#FitFam #HealthyEating #Gains


Me listening to your inspirational life mantras.


More realistic.


So true.


But if you’re going to cry, cry outside.


A personal favourite. Meh to everything.


Little bit of both actually.


feature image: etsy

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