We all know that if there is one thing that’s going to bring Christmas Day to a standstill, it’s the supply of Christmas Chocolate. The quality of the confectionary ranks almost as high as the Christmas Film. If either of these pillars cracks, the family fall-out will be vicious and long-standing. The chocolate supply must be plentiful, but the true secret to it’s success, is the quality.

Celebrations have usurped Roses and Heroes as the sharing-box of choice for a number of reasons. The first needing no real explanation: Malteser Teaser. And the second being: Creme Eggs. Cadbury chocolate is our all-round favourite chocolate but the Christmas game has been getting weaker and weaker. Key downfalls include the move from foil wrapping to plastic wrapping, the removal of the coffee crème and the reliance on fudge.


 After Eights
Christmas Day will literally fail if the emerald green wrapper does not discreetly appear with the evening coffees. ONLY ever eaten at Christmas.

Forrero Rocher
Monsieur, with these Rocher you are really spoiling us. These are usually for when the guests arrive, and must be consumed by the handful.

A recent addition. At once plush and accessible (you can now get it in the local Londis) Lindt tree decorations scream luxe-Christmas.

Kimberly Elite Biscuits
Chocolate Kimberly Elite and Kimberly Elite teacakes – perfect for post Christmas-breakfast elevenses (strictly NO Kimberly Mikados though. Ever)


Marks and Spencer EVERYTHING
Percy Piglet cupcakes, Billionaire Bars, chocolate cookies, ANY and ALL party food from M&S really.

Some observations:

  • NEVER bother with the new-fangled modern variations on the old classics.
  • Selection boxes are a false economy – all the goodies have been eliminated over the years leaving the dross.
  • Special dispensation goes to Butlers and Lily O’Briens, a very welcome (and fancy) addition to any cheeseboard.

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