If there’s one High St shop that truly speaks to our souls and pulls on our heart strings with each newly launched collection, it’s Zara. Season after season, year after year, they are consistently at the top of the pecking order in terms of fast fashion – from quality to variety to style to consistency, Zara is like your favourite restaurant; you can go in looking for something completely different each time, but you’ll still be more than satisfied with whatever you chose.

This season however, Zara has completely blown it out of the water and stepped up their game ten-fold. There isn’t a retailer on the High St right now that rivals Zara and there isn’t a lady on the High St who would disagree – we think.

They’re Christmas collection is all kinds of beautiful – from shimmering metallics to heavy duty leather to crushed velvet and sultry sequins, they have not only nailed festive styles, but they have delivered them with the best of quality we’ve ever seen in Zara – with pricing still remaining totally reasonable.

We could spend weeks upon weeks shopping for our complete winter wardrobe, or we could head into Zara and pick up these 10 pieces.

We’ll chose the latter, thanks very much.


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