Christmas is just around the corner, but we’ve been subjected to the onslaught of “The Happiest Time of the Year” with Christmas Carols, tinsel, present buying and decorating for the last number of weeks. Which, let’s face it, can be more than stressful at times. And we’ve not even reached the big event yet. Get ready for racing home to see family, friends, long-lost cousins and everyone in between. Not to mention the maniacal cleaning when you do get home to the family house. And who always suggests playing board games after one too many Vinos? Sure it always ends (starts) with a fight. I’m tired even thinking about it.

Then once the Christmas week is over, although there is a sense of relief that you managed to get through it all unscathed, there is nothing to look forward to but plenty more cold, miserable and wet months. Can we just scrap January and February from the calendar please? Sure nothing good ever happens then.

Unless -yes there is a way to combat this – you make sure that you have something wonderful planned to beat those post-Christmas blues. And what better way then a weekend of pure, uninterrupted relaxing in a gorgeous hotel? There is no better way.

To make it as stress free as possible for you ladies we’ve gone and done the research to find the best hotels in Ireland to beat those post-Christmas blues. All you have to do is read ahead, decide a weekend, click and book. Now you’re on your way to a blissful weekend of “Me Time”. You’re very welcome.

The Ice House Hotel // Mayo


Firstly if you haven’t been to this part of Ireland, you need to go now. The views alone are enough to chill out any stress-filled lady. The Ice House Hotel  is situated looking over the River Moy, and the hotel hosts a range of blissful experiences to fill a weekend of pure relaxation.

Home to a beautiful Chill Spa thermal suite, this hotel also has an outdoor hot tub and barrel sauna, oh my! Pass me a glass of Prosecco and I’m done.

And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous there are plenty of activities to tickle your fancy, including Surfing, Golfing and picturesque walks along the Wild Atlantic Way, gorgeous. You won’t be surprised to hear that the Seafood in this hotel is literally out of this world so expect to be rolled out of the hotel when your weekend is over. Divine.

You’ll come back from your trip here feeling like a new woman.

Book your trip to the Ice House Hotel here.



Seafield Hotel // Wexford

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Seafield hotel is situated in the small Wexford village of Ballymoney. Holla to anyone who spent their childhood summers in the mobile home parks around there!

This hotel is renowned for it’s award-winning Oceo spa. And no guesses as to why that is. Its home to 14 treatment rooms, thermal suite, hydrotherapy pool, outdoor vitality pool and a sunken private spa garden. You can book yourself in for a whole host of beauty and relaxation treatments too. Phew, that is quite a lot of options for relaxing.

Fancy a fine dining experience after a long day of pampering? Of course you do. You can get yourself down to the (also) award-winning Greenroom restaurant where you can fill yourself to the gills with the delicious food on offer.

And don’t forget to take an invigorating walk down the beaches here, that fresh sea air will have you thoroughly refreshed.

Book your trip to Seafield Hotel here.



Bellinter House // Navan

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Bellinter House, situated in Navan, is simply a feast for the eyes. This 18th century boutique hotel has just had a bit of a revamp by the extremely talented designer, Suzie Mc Adam. Each room you step into will draw your eye to the fabulous, and sometimes, unusual interior. Take notes as you will be inspired to begin your own home revamp after a weekend here.

After taking in the opulence of the hotel, set aside some time for visiting the Bathhouse which is the hotels spa on site. Named this as they are renowned for their signature seaweed baths. You can also enjoy facials, massages and wraps before popping into the sauna or steam room. I’m starting to feel rejuvenated already.

To top all of this off, Bellinter House offer a divine Afternoon Tea. With all the right trimmings including hand-cut sandwiches, scones, herbal teas and all served on a proper tiered tray.

You’ll be at new levels of chill after spending a weekend here.

Book your trip to Bellinter House here.



Lyrath Estate //  Kilkenny


Lyrath Estate is that old school, luxurious 5-star, lavish hotel experience. Situated in Kilkenny, not too far from the center, this beautiful estate is the perfect getaway for some personal indulgence. Featuring an award-winning Spa that states;

“It’s a sanctuary of tranquility and wellbeing in a beautiful part of Ireland, where you’ll experience more than the chance to relax, rejuvenate and refresh, you’ll enjoy the benefits that can only be derived from stepping back and having some quiet ‘me time’ away from the stresses of everyday life.”

Sounds absolutely perfect.

And if you want to pursue something a little more active Lyrath Estate caters for this too, with some of the most beautiful walks a hotel has to offer.

Book your trip with the Lyrath Estate here.



Monart // Wexford

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Monart hotel, again situated in Wexford, is the most peaceful hotel experience in Ireland at the minute. And it’s adult only. So no children to be muscling in on your zen time.

This hotel is perfect for the post-Christmas blues as it even has it’s on Detox programme. Which promises to;

“Through a combination of toxic avoidance, toxin cleansing and elimination the results offer lasting health improvement and aim to deliver a lifestyle with more energy and vibrancy.”

That’s one way to get rid of the Christmas bulge.

Also home to a luxury spa to help you unwind and relax. This hotel is a little on the pricier side of things, but perfect for a gift from your partner. Just leave this out where they might see it perhaps…

Book your trip to Monart here.



So get yourself prepared for the post-Christmas blues! We guarantee it will be totally worth it once your sipping your Prosecco, wrapped in a fluffy robe after your seaweed body wrap. Aaaaaaand relax.


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