Remember the days of waiting for that 11th like on your Instagram, and inevitably giving it to yourself just to get you into the liking number digits? Yaw, no, me either…

Well these top 10 most liked Instagrams of the year have never had this fear. Racking up millions upon millions of likes on their photos. Crazy.

And you know what? It went to just two people! Take a bow Selena Gomez. She has officially taken eight out of ten of the hot spots on this list. That is some social media power-housing right there.

And the other top spots? None other than footballer, turned social media star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Have a scroll down for the top 10 most liked Instagrams of 2016.

10) Selena Gomez //  Revival Tour // 3.2m likes


9) Cristiano Ronaldo // Cup Winner // 3.2m likes


8) Selena Gomez // Australian Vogue // 3.3m likes


7) Selena Gomez // Revival Tour // 3.6m likes


6) Cristiano Ronaldo // Euro Cup Trophy // 3.6m likes


5) Selena Gomez // Japan // 3.9m likes


4) Selena Gomez // Selfie // 3.9m likes


3) Selena Gomez // Swimsuit // 4m likes


2) Selena Gomez // Meeting Fans on Revival Tour // 4.2m likes

selenagomezrevivaltour-revivaltour-opsh-2016-mostlikedinstagrams1) Selena Gomez // Coca Cola #ad // 5.9m likes



And the most liked video of the year…

Of course it goes to King Kylie and her duurttyyyyy Xtina video

Can I be XTINA forever 😩😩

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