Let’s be honest here. For most women, myself included, preparation for a Saturday night on the town usually starts on the Friday evening. Get home, get fed and start the process. Shower, shave, moisturize, tan, face mask, hair mask, eyebrow maintenance, nails (hands and feet) and finally relax and get some well-needed beauty sleep. Phew.

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But then the real work begins. Lining up your make-up brushes and various tools can feel like you’re heading to battle. And in someways we are – the beauty battle. Where to start? Base or eyes? Which brush to use and where? Dark eyes and dark lips, is that too much? What the heck even is a beauty blender?

Well fear not, we’ve got experts on hand. Check out these 4 perfect beauty tutorials for getting ready for your Saturday night. May need watching on Friday just so you have the jist.


The Make Up Chair


Chloe Boucher


Dramatic Mac


Carli Bybel


Now, go forth and contour with our top picks.


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