Travel style is something of a politics-at-the-dinner-table type situation here in Opsh HQ. It’s a division of the masses. A rather heated discussion with two entirely opposing opinions.

Half of us are firm believes in the age old tradition of flying in style. Adhering to the 1950’s way of life where travelling for pleasure was a luxury and one must dress luxuriously to mark the occasion. It’s not like we’re getting into our mink coats when jumping on a Ryanair flight or anything but we’re all about making that special effort to board in style – accompanied by our matching suitcases of course.

The other half of us wonder why on earth anyone would dress up to spend hours lugging a suitcase around an airport to hop on an uncomfortable flight, followed by an uncomfortable transfer to your final destination? We believe that wearing trackies and a sweatshirt is the appropriate choice for airport attire and the most luxurious part of the day is getting a free truffle with your coffee from Butlers.

We are happy out in our Nike trainers and matching leggings (scarlehh) or our ridiculously over-sized (and comfy) boyfriend jeans and polo top.

But which side is right?

Of course, an argument can be made for each side but us Opsh ladies are always happy to compromise  and believe that you can be both comfortable and stylish on flights. What a revelation!

No, but really – there is totally a way of looking seriously streamlined and chic while maintaining maximum comfort levels. And here’s a few tips on how to do so;

3. Dresses are better than jeans.

Not always, but definitely when flying. We’re talking boho chic or minimal and flowing. Steer clear of anything structured, tight or too short as you’ll spend the majority of your airport time readjusting yourself.

2. Follow the jeans X airport rule

But if you do opt for a pair of denims, avoid a skinny and pick up those mom or boyfriend jeans. You want to make sure you can move with ease and are not sucked in to super-tight jeans -particularly if you decide to indulge in some airport grub.

1. Avoid a heel

At all costs… Although we are admirable of women in heels at airports, we do not envy them. Ouch! Also, if the plane goes down, you’re really fecked and will have to leave them on board. No one wants that to happen to their fave pair of stilettos.



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