Before The Flood is one of those phenomenon documentaries that completely take over everyday conversation, night-time thoughts and of course, your television screen. Much like 2016’s Making a Murderer and 2014’s Super Size Me, Before The Flood is profoundly life-changing and forces the viewer to think differently about the world we live in.

The documentary was created by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by the award-winning Fischer Stevens and follows Leo’s trip across the globe to learn as much as he can about climate change and the effects it is having all over the world. He speaks to key environmentalists, scientists, professors, doctors and even President Obama himself.

Cited by some as Leo’s greatest role of his career so far, the documentary is powerful, upsetting, shocking, disturbing and quite frankly, embarrassing.

Embarrassing because of the realistion of the sheer and utter harm we’ve done to the earth. The earth we expect our kids, our grand kids, our great-grand kids to inherit when we pass away. It is embarrassing that humanity has undeniably and carelessly destroyed so much of the earth’s beauty – and is in the process of destroying even more.

The docu-film follows Leo’s quest to understand how climate change is impacting the earth – we see him take a helicopter ride (hypocritical yes but the film assures us they paid the price of their carbon footprint post-filming) over what was once beautiful, leafy forests in Canada and wild jungles in Indonesia and Sumatra. As you can imagine, the effects of hundreds of years of carbon gas emissions have destroyed.

DiCaprio also travels, to see the impact of climate change, to places like Greenland and watches the ice rapidly melting before his eyes. He dives under water in the Atlantic and see’s more than half of world’s coral reefs – and marine life –  dead.

He discusses politics and the distinct correlation between that and the effects of climate change – and we sit in horror at some of his findings.

“Half the people in office still don’t believe in climate change”

Now that’s a scary sentence.

Particularly since the soon to be appointed leader of the free world, Donald Trump, is one of the non-believers.

There are many words that could describe the effect this docu-film will have on us all – but nothing quite as poignant as the feeling in your heart during the five minutes of end credits.

Have a spare 90 minutes? We urge you to watch this documentary immediately.

Don’t have a spare 90 minutes? Make one.


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