Fit-Grammers You Definitely Should Be Following

Being part of the #FitFam movement has never been as popular as it is right now. Looking after yourself, your body and what you eat – we are all up for this movement. But what about when you need a little bit of inspiration before hitting the gym? Luckily there are a huge amount of #Fitgrammers out there leading the way.

Focusing on inventive work-outs, post gym feeding and let’s be honest, UHMAZING workout gear, which has been proven to make your workout faster and more effectively. Although that last part may not necessarily be true, when you are loving what you’re wearing, it does make the workout seem a teensy but easier, am I right?

For this piece, we are going to focus on our green isle and the local fit talent that are giving us serious #fitspo envy.

5) Rosemary Mac Cabe 


Rosemary has led us on her transformation journey right from the very beginning. We love her honest portrayal of how tough it can be to overhaul your lifestyle, and how you might have some slip ups every now and then. Her before and after photos are a massive inspiration to anyone looking to make their own journey.


4) Cinnamon Soul


Niamh O’Sullivan, currently based in New York,  is another #Fitgrammer to add to the list. Working out in the city that never sleeps can have it’s own challenges, but Niamh shows us how she finds the time and energy to fit it in. Bonus: superb Insta’s of New York for you to lust over.


3) Emma PPD


Founder of Pilates Plus Dublin, Emma, is a true fitness and wellness advocate. Follow her for workout motivation and pilates poses and tips to get you on track. Also Rosanna Davison is a Pilates Plus Brand Ambassador, so expect to see lots of pictures of this model doing pretty serious workouts.


2) Rosanna Davison


The former Miss World has also just released another bestselling cookbook “Eat Yourself Fit” so you can expect to see plenty of delicious looking food, as well as her #fitfam pics on her Insta page.  Rosanna also regularly holds beauty, food and fitness workshops and they are excellent. As mentioned, she is a regular at Pilates Plus and shares these tough-looking workouts.


1) Vogue Williams


Vogue is the epitome of #noexcuses and manages to squeeze in a workout – no matter where she is in the world. Expect to see different workouts from this Fitness Queen from across the globe, while she is in the midst of her busy filming schedule. The jealousy is off the scale to be honest.


Feeling inspired? Us too. Let’s be part of #FitFam together 💪


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