Slovenian model-turned First Lady, Melania Trump has been at the center of a lot of attention lately. Firstly with the shocking Presidential win of her husband, Donald Trump and secondly because a well-known designer wrote a public letter urging designers not to dress Mrs Trump.

Although we were horrified to see Trump win this election with his alienating and alarming pomposity, and are firmly #StillWithHer, to shame and discriminate against Melania Trump because of this, in our opinion, is unwarranted.

There has been a noticeable lack of media releases from brands stating that Melania Trump is dressed in their creations – which is what usually happens when it comes to the First Lady. And there is an ongoing debate as to whether she will receive the same treatment from brands, designers and publishers as former First Ladies have done.

michelleobama-voguecover Hillaryclinton-voguecover

This First Lady will be continuing to dress herself for the near future, well at least she can afford it eh?

It seems Melania has been undergoing a subtle style evolution over the past number of months in the lead up to the Presidential election. A classic, more conservative style has been the look of choice over this time. Based on her campaign trail in the lead up, we can certainly expect to see more sophisticated designs, bell sleeves, designer tags and pussy-bow blouses in the future. This more traditional, toned-down style is not surprising, as back in 2000 she told The New York Times, if Trump were ever to be named President, she would go for a very conservative style of dressing.

“…very traditional – like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy.”

Which makes a change from her former go-to styles – think flashy, sequin-adorned, spaghetti-strapped designer party dresses. Picture it like she was always off to a swanky party somewhere in a New York penthouse. Well in fact, she probably was.

We wonder if Trump will approve of a more conservative look for his wife? Although we don’t really care about Trumps opinions on women now do we?

Click through the gallery below to see the style evolution of this former-model to First Lady in the White House.

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