It’s no secret here in Opsh HQ that as much as I adore clothes, I have little loyalty to many of them and when I’ve had enough of something (or haven’t worn it in over a year), I’m happy to chuck it straight in the charity shop pile. Cut.Throat.

But that’s the way you have to be when it comes to fashion – particularly when you’re living in a teeny tiny apartment with a wardrobe so small, Carrie Bradshaw would be horrified of it.

But I do have my rules of course. Designer or on the more expensive side of the spectrum? Keep it. If it never comes back into style, at least you can say you own a pair of Loboutins and keep them for the memories. High street? If it hasn’t been worn in over a year, bin it. You will never say, ‘awh I wish I had that top I bought three years ago right now’ – you will forget about it, I promise you. Online, rapid fashion? If it’s lasted the taste of time, nice one! If it’s lasted the test of time because it’s been sitting in your wardrobe since you got it due to it being too big/too small/ too ugly/ too short / too long, bin it.

In fact, this winter, I’ve vowed to keep my wardrobe as minimal as possible. No excessive splurging on ridiculously inefficient and impractical pieces – I’m keeping my wardrobe sharp, clean and tight. Because in all honesty, when you have these 10 pieces nailed, what else could you possibly need?

Black Skinny Jeans

All hail the jean that has gotten us through just about everything in life. Really, when you think about it – is there anything more versatile in your wadrobe? From funerals to interviews, nights out to cinema dates and everything in-between, nothin’ got our back like our fave pair of black skinnies.



River Island

The Party Dress

Is it really Christmas if you don’t have a party dress you picked out a month before your first Christmas party? We think not.




Warm Coat

Without going all ‘mammy knows best’ on you but when it comes to a warm coat, mammy really does know best. Remember those years of leaving the house with barely a denim jacket covering you? And your mammy screaming out the front door at you to put on more clothes? Well now is the time to thank her as we’ve finally learned our lesson. And you know what? Warm coats can be pretty feckin’ stylish. Particularly this season’s puffer coat.




Mom Jeans / Boyfriend Jeans

Unfortunately sometimes (only sometimes we swear) you can’t rely on your black skinnies. Yep, really. Wanna know why? Because sometimes, they have to be washed. I know, such a nightmare. Luckily, mom and boyfriend jeans have held a coveted space in our wardrobes in 2016 and they are going nowhere this season.




Statement Clutch Bag

Another piece that will truly make your winter wardrobe that little bit more special – and stand out!




Chic ‘Saturday Night’ Top

God, the word ‘chic’ can sound so god darn naff sometimes.

But item number six in your gorge new (and minimal) winter wardrobe is the chic Saturday night top. Can be worn with the aforementioned boyfriend jeans or black skinnies and your statement clutch bag.

Ties in nicely, right?




Fresh Kicks

Oh hello beauties!

We are so happy that the trainers revival happened in 2015 and they have barely left our feet since. You’d be surprised at how versatile trainers are – and how easy it is to get away with them on a casual Saturday night.



Life Style Sports

Warm Sweater





Disco Boots

Need convincing that disco boots are going to be the boots of the season? Check out our cost benefit anaylsis of ’em riiiight here.


Brown Thomas

Chic Blouse

Chic. Bleugh.

But in all seriousness, a blouse is one of those things that you will wear during the Christmas holiday season. If thee was a best dressed award in mass, you’d win it in this beauty.




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