Ah, Made in Chelsea – what would our Monday evenings look like without the glossiest, bitchiest, most awkward-silence-driven TV show in E4 history? What would we be doing if we weren’t glued to our screens watching the cast enjoy painfully staged ‘accidental bump-ins’, dining in black tie with the most arbitrary of guests or silently staring at each other while dramatic music blares in the background.

We have been long standing fans of Made in Chelsea here in Opsh HQ and Tuesday mornings are closed off for MIC breakdown chats. But as much as we love the show, we must admit that with each season, and each lost Made in Chelsea star, we feel like a little part of ourselves is gone missing too.

Yes, the newbies are pretty entertaining. Toff’s transition from nice gal to sassy gal has been great to watch. And we’re totally digging Jessica Anne Woodley and her hipster haircut. And who doesn’t love Sam Thompson and his cheesy one liners?

But let’s rewind it back to season one and the cast members that stole our hearts and ignited our love of the hit TV show.

Spencer Mathews

Spencer Mathews, the villain we all loved to hate – and secretly fancied of course. Mathews was one of the only MIC cast members who was unashamedly, openly, pretentiously snobby and we honestly kind of loved it. He was clearly an awful a**hole, after cheating on every single person he dated. But we have to admit, we kind of loved him anyway.

And only Spencer Mathews would bame his cheating on the person he cheated on.

“You allowed me to cheat on you”



Hugo Taylor

Hugo Taylor, the brains behind the hit TV show was only a short-lived character but that didn’t stop us loving him oh-so-much. He didn’t add a whole lot to the show and was more of a silent observer than anything – as well as official Caggie-related advice-giver to Spencer. But if we could have him back, we would take him in a heart beat.

“Get off your ass. Go the airport and fucking stop her!”


Millie Mackintosh

Probably one of the best MIC stars that  ever there was, Millie Mackintosh brough the sass, the bitchiness, the resting bitch face, the honesty, the one-liners and so much more. We will never forget her toast roast at the end of the first season


“Here’s To my best friend, Rosie Fortesque for hooking up with my boyfriend.”



Alik Alfus

Oh Alik, we will never forget you’re puppy-dog face, your undying love for Louise and you’re almost vomit-worthy delcarations of amour. Alik was almost too nice to be on Made in Chelsea and we don’t think we will ever forgive Louise for what she did to him.

“Where is the Queen? What’s it called? Buckingham Palace? What’s a roast dinner? Is it like a barbecue? Do we have it outside?”


Caggie Dunlop

The blonde beauty that was Caggie Dunlop stole the hearts of men and women alike across the UK and Ireland. Articulate, beautiful, strong and with a distinct lack of snobbery, Caggie is by far the most missed character on Made in Chelsea. We kind of loved her even more because she would never give Spencer what he wanted – which was her.

She also had focking amazing hair. And we miss that.

“I’ve concluded that men are the problem and should be avoided.”


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