The concept of jeans being a staple of one’s wardrobe is an understatement – particularly during these cold, wet winter days. Jeans will get you through anything. From casual Fridays in the office to not-so-casual Saturday nights out to mid-week shopping with the gal pals – and everything in-between.

“Jeans – the elixir of my life”

Sarah Mc Ginn, 2016 

They are a saviour in every sense of the word. Nothing to wear? Throw on a pair of jeans. Last minute plans in the works? Get your jeans on. Need to peel yourself out of those discoloured, old leggings you’ve been living in all weekend? Grab your favourite – stretchy – jeans on.

But with all fashion staples (think white shirts, a well-fitted blazer and a chic pair of kicks), there tends to be a variance in styles each season. With the exception of skinnies that is, which have firmly held a coveted place in our wardrobes since Kate Moss the 2000 era.

This year, we’re after four different styles that will see us happily – and stylishly –  through winter.



Comfortable, chic, cooler-than-cool with serious Kate Bosworth vibes. We’re sold on this ASOS pair.

Black Skinny


Black skinnies don’t need no intro’ or explanation.


Waxed Black


Can we get a hells yeah for black waxed jeans? These bad boys will have you covered for every Christmas night out.

Stylist tip! To avoid any shape loss, don’t wash them too often. Give ’em a quick wipe down with a baby wipe and you’re good to go.

New Look

Distressed Hem



The newest – and coolest –  addition to our wardrobes, the distressed hem. Whether it’s a raw hem, a bit of tassling or a full blown distressed (you know the type that your nan asks did you rip your jeans?).



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