It’s impossible to avoid the puffa jacket this winter. These marshmallow-inspired creatures have broken free from the shackles of Horse-and-Hound and can now be seen floating down catwalks and city-streets. We can thank Paris Fashion Week for that – and that’s before we’ve hit the true depths of sub-zero winter temperatures.

Puffa or puffer aside (in our books, it’s puffa), these voluminous jackets are ‘Fashion Marmite’. You either stand in full support of such practicality (but now: with a fashion twist!) or you positively shudder at such quilted monstrosities. For one camp, it is fashion-forward, ironic? and a hug in a rug.

For others: burn them! Along with dungarees, leg-warmers and fisherman caps.

If you’re Pro-Puffa, wear with ripped jeans and a glitter polo for casual-fashion-chic, or go full on vampy-glam with velvet cropped trousers, heels and a statement jumper. If you’re Anti-Puffa, you  might want to hibernate until next year.

Personally, I’m against them and believe they should be the reserve of hearty country walks. Or the ski slopes. Or on the cast of Made In Chelsea (specifically: Binky).

They remind me of horse-riding lessons or that one summer when sleeveless puffa jackets in violent, primary colours were all the rage – specifically with rip-off tracksuit bottoms… making a resurgence, thanks to Kim Kardashian.  I will admit I have a soft spot for this baby-pink, satin Topshop puffer…which challenges the very notion of a Puffa Jacket.


However, I am awfully biased when it comes to pink….



image – vogue

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