Ah makeup, you have always been our best of friend and our worst enemy. From our very first foray into this obsession – with our blue eye-shadow, blue glitter, blue everything – we thought we were literally the bombdiggity.

Then, we moved into our teens, with our over-plucked eyebrows, the panstick for foundation and black, heavy, Gothic eyeliner. This is when are parents expressed their “concern” about our music/ clothes/ friend choices.

Finally, with a little help from makeup artists and YouTube, we turned our hand at contouring and strobing, baking and brows, and lip-liner so luscious, it would make a Kardashian blush.


See? SO easy…

Gone are the days of a quick 5 minute routine and we’re out the door, now it is truly considered an art. Which clearly requires a lot more time.

So how much of our lives do we spend putting on the war paint eh?

Well experts calculated that women spend up to two years in their lifetime putting on their makeup.

“TWO FULL YEARS. That is A LOT of contouring.”

Two years that we could be travelling the world, or seeing friends or even more importantly, brunching.

This is not even including all the time spent watching tutorials before we start our make-up routine…eek.

Right, let’s come together and have a “National No Makeup Week” to rid ourselves of the shackles of conformity. Say goodbye to our brows, and our high cheekbones. Toodaloo to our winged eyeliner disasters. And au revoir to our perfectly high-lighted cupids bow. We’ll come together in celebration of our true, naked faces. Hurrah!

But, like, maybe just a little BB cream and some mascara right? It’ll take me 2 minutes I promise, I’ll meet you there…




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