Leopard print; you either love it or you hate it. And by that we mean, you love it. Who the fock hates leopard print? Only extremist vegans who wouldn’t even dream of wearing faux fur and weirdos. In our humble opinion that is.

“As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”

Jenna Lyons

We are with you there Jenna. Leopard gets us through any and every occasion – and leaves us looking absolutely fabulous while doing so. Try peacock’ing on your next night out in a leopard print blouse. Wear a leopard print scarf to an upcoming interview to have as an interesting point of discussion. Wear leopard print boots to jazz up a boring funeral outfit.

Just kidding. Kind of.

But in all honesty, leopard really can improve any outfit no matter where you’re going; to work on a Monday, Brunch on a Saturday, D’Club on a Thursday (don’t judge us) or the gym on a…well whatever day you can muster up the energy to go to the gym.

To Work

As much as we love a splash of leopard, it’s important to know your surroundings. That leopard print, sequin, plunging, asymmetric mini-dress might not go down too well in the office but a stunning blouse or chic pair of pumps definitely will.

We’re digging these Office ones right now.



To Brunch

We love how ‘Brunch’ is now as important an event as mass is to your granny. And dressing for such event is the most important decision you’ll make for the week. No doubt your gal pals will be dressed to the nines – bar hungover Sandra who’s been unwillingly dragged to Brunch in her Nike leggings – so impress them with a bang-on-trend leopard coat.



River Island

To D’Club

The perfect time to break out that leopard print, sequin, plunging, asymmetric mini-dress – or failing that, a hot-to-trot classic shift dress.

It’s the perfect print to instantly inject a hint of coolness into your outfit. Say no to BD’s – boring dresses.



To The Gym

Just because you’re don’t feel shit hot in the gym, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look it. We’re all over these leopard print leggings. So gorge it hurts.

If all else fails in the gym – which it generally does for us – at least you have some amazing gym gear to show for your, em, efforts?



So there you have it ladies – four different ways you can wear leopard – and look fabulous while doing so.

image -bymazari

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