Ever wondered how so many hotels seemed to stay afloat, while businesses all around them were shutting their doors? Well the answer may lie in the cheating among us.

It’s not that we condone cheating or anything, but it seems to be great for the economy.

VictoriaMilan, an online site that caters to married and attached people looking to cheat (classy we know), has today released a study stating that up to €14 billion of the hotel industry’s revenue may be coming from cheating spouses.

“How depressing.”

When you think about it though, cheating must be an expensive business. Over 25% of the people polled will spend over €100 on a room for the night, ooh la la.

So how has it come to this?

We looked at a new study from Penn State researchers, who were delving into the reasons as to why so many people cheat these days. They found that a quarter of married and cohabiting young men and women reported that either they, their partner, or both of them had sex with someone else.

A QUARTER. A FOCKIN’ QUARTER. Is nothing bloody sacred any more people?

Although clearly we would rather be the cheater, than the cheated on, the study revealed;

“Our results suggest that if young adults can get away with cheating, they are not likely to leave their partner. If they discover infidelity in their partner, however, they exercise far less tolerance. People seem to prefer to play the cheater over the cheated on.”

So in summation, nearly a quarter of us are cheaters, but we are keeping the hotel industry alive, so kudos?


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