So, we guess you’re wondering what is going on here, right? After months of trialing, testing, surveying, poking, prodding and more, we have made some changes to Opsh and are so excited that we can finally share these changes with you.

We know each and every one of our customers (you beautiful people!) love shopping with us and having all of your favourite retailers under the one roof, but something we noticed you loving even more was the Opsh voice. 

“The content we created, the stories we told, the collections we built – all with that distinguishable Opsh tone of voice.”

So now, as well as showing you pieces from some of our favourite retailers like we’ve always done (still want to shop? You still can! You’ll just be redirected back to that retailer’s website), we’ll be creating content about all of your favourite things – fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, food, interiors, culture and more.

We’ll still be working closely with a whole host of some of your favourite High St retailers and will bring you the best products and some whopper discounts just for you!

And not only will you be reading the wise words of team Opsh, you’ll be reading pieces from some of the most recognisable faces from Ireland and the UK. Watch this space!

image – pinkmartini

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