Netflix knows no limits when it comes to creating pretty outstanding television shows. From Orange is The New Black (only series one and two obvs) to Narcos and everything in between, they definitely know how to create a social frenzy with their productions – and rightly so. There isn’t a Netflix original yet that hasn’t had the Opsh team manically glued to our screens for weeks on end (OK 48 hours if we’re being honest, they’re just so hard to turn off!).

“But the one that has really gotten under our skin is Black Mirror.”

Black Mirror is a British drama that taps into all our fears of the modern world. Each episode stands alone as it’s own story and is sharp, intelligent and frequently quite eerie. Netflix have just added their third season to this line-up of techno-paranoia and it blows season one and two out of the water.

Each episode is a portrayal of what lives could be like if technology continues to progress and astound us at the rate it does now – with a pinch of dramatisation of course. Black Mirror delves into subjects varying from the effects of climate change on pollination to just how far we can push the boundaries of virtual technology entertainment to, my personal favourite, the effects of social media on our social behaviours.

Nose Dive, the first episode in the latest season, follows the life of Lacey – a woman who lives her life trying to please everyone. But doesn’t everyone in this faux-Utopian future where one’s ‘rating’ from others, is essentially used as currency?

A satirical look at how acceptance and popularity can become a collective obsession, Nose Dive is a pretty interesting one if you already find yourself frantically checking your latest Instagram post to ensure it’s gotten over 11 likes.

A must watch!



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