Hygge – loosely defined as; a mood or a feeling that comes in taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special. This couldn’t sound more perfect for us to be honest. Hailing from the happiest country in the world, Denmark, it’s an art that has been trending worldwide recently. Especially necessary now that we’re getting into the colder, darker and generally more miserable months, although Hygge can be practised all year round. And even more important than this, is realising that life has never been so busy and so much more hectic for people.

Taking the time out to sit back, relax and enjoy the small things in life has never been so important.

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah)

Imagine it’s a rainy Saturday morning, and you’re drinking freshly brewed coffee, sitting in front of a blazing fire, with soft, fluffy socks on your feet, reading your favourite book, while your Jo Malone candle scent is filling the room. Now tell me, how relaxing does that sound? That is living the Hygge life.

Hygge, as well as being a state of mind, can also be embraced by the interior of your home with some thought, and a few small additions to your home. Let’s take a leaf out of the Scandinavians way of living and indulge ourselves in the Hygge lifestyle.

1) Invest in your candle collection

Nothing says soothing like a room lit by candlelight.

2) Soft furnishings are so important

Sheepskin rugs. Textured throws. Fluffy pillows. Comfort is key when it comes to Hygge.

3) Update your loungewear

The feeling of putting on your favourite pair of pyjamas, with your giant dressing gown and warm slippers….heaven.

4) Confine your clutter

A cluttered house, is a cluttered mind. So invest in beautiful storage that you’re happy to look at, rather than your stuff strewn everywhere

5) Ban technology               

*COLLECTIVE GASP* Yes this is a toughie. But immerse yourself with your friends, your partner, your family and just CHAT. It will make you feel so much better than scrolling through Facebook for the 50th time, I promise.

6) Relax

Forget about your woes, whatever they may be, and focus on your happiness, your comfort and your beautiful home

Need some more inspiration? Check our top products for a Hygge lifestyle below, and get ready for a winter of chill, in a good way of course.


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