What’s your beauty strategy for the season ahead? Ours tends to be a mixture of hibernating at home under a mountainous blanket, layered with every kind of face mask we can find, with our hair tied up in a messy bun or frantically testing out some of the latest and greatest beauty trends we’ve been given insider tips for. There’s really no in-between.

This year, we spotted three major beauty trends that are set to be making appearances off the runway this season – and we’ve already tested them out.

Trend – Dark lips are always a winner for A/W but if you’re not blessed with lips like Gigi’s, it can make your lips appear small and thin. Backstage, make-up artists recommend over-lining the lips to fake a fuller look.

If you’re hoping to avoid the Kylie Jenner look, be frugal with your lip liner and only ever-so-slightly over-line your lips.”


Verdict – The dark lip trend definitely looks pretty cool but Opsh recommends reserving this for after-work though as we did notice a few stink eye glances on the morning commute.


Trend – Pink eyeshadow is back. Get ready to channel your inner Spice Girl – with a slightly more sophisticated approach that is. Make-up artists could be seen opting for rusty and dark pinks backstage and these will make any eye colour pop. It’s easy to lean towards smokey browns and shimmery golds at this time of year but forget everything you thought you knew about ‘seasonally appropriate’ looks.


Verdict – Yes, yes and yes. When we heard pink eyeshadow, we immediately thought of it paired with skinny eyebrows and blonde streaks running through overtly brunette hair a la our 90’s selves. When it comes to the 2016 version, we opted for rusty, dark pinks shaded with pretty silvers and golds and we were bowled over by the results.

Trend – Soft, blushed cheeks are set to be huge this season after making numerous cameos on the catwalk all through Fashion Week. Experts suggest using a light creamy blusher on the apples of your cheeks and dust a light, translucent powder on top.


Verdict – Cute? Yes. Pretty? Without a doubt. Unnecessary? Pretty much. When it comes to naturally blushed cheeks, we think the Irish weather has us covered there.

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