Christmas is hectic. Let me repeat that, Christmas is HECTIC. From running from party to party, picking up last minute presents, and making sure the turkey doesn’t burn/ you don’t give the whole extended family food poisoning, there is a lot to be thinking about.

One thing you don’t want to be worrying about it your hair. SUCH a nuisance, I personally hate even washing mine, but you know, conformity and all that. Sigh.

We’re going to make it easy for you, because we’re super fab like that. No, no, you can thank us later. We’ve picked the 4 hairstyles you should be rocking for minimum stress/ maximum impact on the biggest days of Christmas.

The Office Party // Hollywood Glamazon

I am chic. I am glamorous. I am old-school Hollywood glamour. I am Jagerbomb. I am sick in toilet.


Christmas Day // Grown-Up Braids

Lets be honest, your hair needs to be swept back and out of your mouth area as much as possible. Ain’t nobody got time for a hair/ food disaster when there is so much eating involved.


Stephens Day // Sex-Bomb

This is ultimately the most testing time of the year. You’re on your old home turf, surrounded by girls you went to school with, boys you fancied, the b*tch who cheated with your ex, and a couple (a lot) of ex-boyfriends. There’s more peacocking going on then you’ve seen all year. As Tyra would say – Gurl you gotta look FIERCE.


New Years Eve // The Messy (but sexy) Ponytail

New Years Eve is a night all about party-hopping, dancing till the sun comes up and belly-aching laughter with some of your nearest and dearest. With all that going on, you want a hairstyle that’s going to reflect your evening – Chic at the start, messy but still gorge by the end.


images: pinterest 

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