Have you seen death?

Have you seen darkness?

Have you seen the light?

Clearly Netflix has never heard the term “Netflix and Chill” with this selection of ominous tweets sent out yesterday.

But fear not, it’s all in line for the newest show to hit our screens. And we guarantee you will be binge-watching this all Christmas long.

Its called ‘The OA’ and it’s another brilliant Netflix Original series that you wont want to stop watching. Basically something to fill the “Stranger Things” hole in our lives.

Brief overview without giving too much away; The main character is a blind girl called Prairie Johnson, who goes missing in her 20s. Now she’s (mysteriously) returned and her sight’s been restored – but she refuses to talk to anybody about her disappearance, and where she’s been.


One warning – do not watch this alone.

Hitting our screens this Friday 16th December.

Can’t wait till then? Then keep up to date on the shows dedicated Instagram page.


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