There are many conversations in the Opsh_daily office as to what constitutes being a Christmas film. Many believe that Christmas has to be the sole focus of the narrative of the movie. But others (me) believe that the film just has to have a nod to the yuletide spirit. But most importantly it had to be a film that you only ever thoroughly enjoy watching over the holidays. Basically forget your Elf, your Santa Clause and your Love Actually.

Bah Humbug I hear you shout.

Once you get into the list, I can guarantee that you will absolutely agree with me. I’ll bet the last Malteaser Teaser in the Celebrations tin for it.

No 5: Edward Scissorhands

Few people remember that this creepy, yet magical Tim Burton classic is set around the Christmas holidays.


No 4: Gremlins

Yes this 80’s movie probably gave you nightmares when we were children, but look back at it now, and you will realise that they were just misunderstood creatures…


No 3: You’ve Got Mail

This 90’s RomCom had us all in tears of joy. The two biggest RomCom stars of the time falling in love during the Christmas holidays? Somebody pass us the tissues.


No 2: Mean Girls

OK I might be pushing the theme here just a little bit, but they do have the one awesome Christmas scene, and it’s such a fetch movie.


No 1: Die Hard

This is my all time favourite movie ever. And it’s not just because I’m a MAJOR Bruce Willis fan (Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!). Christmas office party, German terrorists, Brucie saving the day – what else could you want from the ultimate Christmas movie? Nothing.


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