Unless you have been living under a rock/ avoiding Instagram at all costs you may have noticed that Cara Delevingne, her sister Poppy and oh about 160 of their closest friends were on holiday together for the past week.

The hashtag – #MaldivesBeachParty – had a total of 726 posts over the course of the week, and by god are we thankful it’s now over.

Why so many snaps over the course of a week? Well #Spon would have a lot to do with that as the whole entire week was a freebie. So that’s a week long holiday, with 160 of your closest friends, on your own private, luxury paradise island all for free? And all in the depths of the cold, wet and miserable Winter? We’d be #Smug too to be honest.

We’ve lined up the top 10 most smug Insta’s from the week. Warning: this will not cheer up your Monday blues. Soz.

Finolhu Bae watch #LIFEsaver #MALDIVESbeachPARTY

A post shared by dejicarr (@dejicarr) on

Smug level: Epic


Good morning Mr Bond🌴 #MALDIVESbeachPARTY

A post shared by dejicarr (@dejicarr) on

Smug level: The names Smug


#maldivesbeachparty #crabshackstack #finolhumv @finolhumaldives @fishandcrabshack

A post shared by Mark hehir (@mshmaldives) on

Smug level: Major


Off to find dolphin friends #MALDIVESbeachPARTY

A post shared by dejicarr (@dejicarr) on

Smug level: Made in Chelsea would be jealous


@galagordon #maldivesbeachparty @finolhu

A post shared by Tommi Miers (@thomasinamiers) on

Smug level: Very


Morning Maldives 🇲🇻 #W👁W #MALDIVESbeachPARTY

A post shared by dejicarr (@dejicarr) on

Smug level: Impressive


Smug level: High


#maldivesbeachparty 🌴

A post shared by @helenrave on

Smug level: Self quoting


Hip Hop Dream Team #maldivesbeachparty

A post shared by Chloe Delevingne (@cdelevingne) on

Smug level: Coolio levels


#maldivesbeachparty @melindalp @poppydelevingne

A post shared by Melinda Stevens (@melindalp) on

Smug level: Selfie-taking smugness


feature image: condé nast traveller

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