The answer is a definite yes. UK Fashion Designer, Stella McCartney has released a video to kick off her #StellaBy campaign, and it’s pretty weird.

Directed by Phillipa Price, it’s called The Uncanny Valley, and it’s shot in the Nevada desert. Not so creepy yet right? Well the main setting in the film is the Clown Motel, and all the models have their faces painted with clown makeup.

So yea, pretty freakin creepy in our eyes.

Turns out the Clown Motel is an actual attraction in Nevada that they shot in. An actual Clown Motel? How disturbing is that? I’ll literally be having nightmares about that. Those crazy Yanks.

All the models are showcasing Stella’s SS17 male and female clothing, which looks fab FYI. There also something about a background setting of 1950’s fair music and throwback 1950’s footage, that gives us the heeby jeebies.

Lets just say this futuristic surrealism film is more than off the wall. Have a look for yourself below.

Warning: not to be watched alone 😱😱


feature image: stella mccartney

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