It’s bizarre to think how obsessive we have come about our brows in the last number of years. It’s also bizarre to think how we weren’t obsessive about them before the last few years, when they can completely shape your face.

Contouring aint got nothing on a proper brow shape.

I’m partial to a wax and brow tint, but there are many ways to get that perfect brow goal whether it be threading, HD brows, brow kits and more powders and brushes that  you can shake a stick at.

And you know the A-Listers have an A-List brow game. Oh yes. No over-plucked eyebrows on the red carpet. We’ve rounded up the best brows in the business for you to feast your eyes on. #BrowsOnFleek

Chloe Grace Moretz


Full, youthful and very well groomed

Lily Collins


More than a whiff of Audrey Hepburn off these brows.

Lupita Nyong


Perfectly sculpted.

Keira Knightley


Heavy brows, perfect arch.

Emilia Clarke


Mother of Dragons, Queen of eyebrows.

Beyonce Knowles


A victim of the 90’s over-plucking trend, but Bey has brought them back in shape.

Jennifer Connelly



Natalie Portman


Straight eyebrow look: Nailed


Irrefutably the #BrowBoss of our era. All hail Queen Cara.

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