Fancy putting a personal spin on Christmas this year? In need of some Christmas decoration ideas? Ready for an afternoon of crafting? Well we love the idea of spray-painting your own ornaments for a touch of something different. And not everything has to be a bauble!

We want to shake things up and here are two gorgeous ideas we came across:

  • Gold toy animals
  • Kate Spade inspired DIY baubles

“Em, yas please!”

Gold toy animals


This is a great way to do something quirky, celebrate your love of retro toys or simply find good use for things cluttering up your home. Plastic farm animals are perfect, but you can use any collection of miniature toys you have to hand (miniature soldiers, Sylvanian Families, My Little Pony!)

Here we took inspiration from “A Beautiful Mess” and “Seventeenth and Irving”.


You’ll need some gold spray-paint and gold glitter spray or simply glue and pure glitter – all of which you can pick up in an Art and Hobby shop, Homebase or a hardware store like Lenehans. You’ll also need industrial glue and jewellery clasps (these you can pick up on Ebay or Amazon) so that you can attach a ribbon or string for hanging.

After that, it’s p-r-e-t-t-y simple – spray, spray, spray. The beauty of these is that you can re-use as table-toppers for a wedding or as a quirky display on a bookshelf.


Kate Spade DIY Baubles


We spotted the Kate Spade DIY baubles on “Hi Sugarplum” and we thought these were perfect for fashionistas. They require a little more precision and patience, but ultimately, you use masking tape to create shapes and patterns on the ornament, and again, gold spray-paint (or your colour of choice) to complete the design. Start with a plain-colour ornament and pick your complimentary colours – just think, you can accessorise with your room, with your nails, with your Christmas outfit – the choices are endless. End result – très chic Christmas decorations you can be truly proud of.


Book out an afternoon, crank up Christmas FM, enjoy some mulled wine in front o’ the fire and enjoy a relaxed day of Christmas Arts ‘n Crafts!


ImagesBrunch at Saks // Hi Sugar Plum // A Beautiful Mess // Fearlessly Made // Seventeeth and Irving



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