The Kardashian/ Jenner clan are recently being heralded as the champions of promoting curvier, and fuller-figured woman. They are the ultimate body-positive role models in society today. They have millions of followers hoping to join them in their quest for perfection in the “fuller figured” and “attainable” look.

And this turns me cold.

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Here’s a list of things that the Kardashian/ Jenner family have admitted to in their quest for the ultimate body;

Waist Trainers: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Kylie are all in favour of using waist trainers for cinching in your waist. The first reason I have a big problem with this is the danger it can put on your body. Using waist trainers for a period of time has the potential to crush organs, compress your lungs and fracture your ribs, not pretty. Also Kylie was only 18 when she started using these trainers, her undeveloped body is still trying to grow at this stage, and instead it is being put under unbelievable pressure.


Breast Implants: Rumours have surfaces around all the Kardashian/ Jenners at one point or another to having gotten breast surgery. Currently Kourtney Kardashian is the only one to openly talk about it. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, she admits she wish she had never got them done.


Botox, Fillers, Liposuction and Facelifts: Kris brought us through her Facelift transformation journey on the show. Kylie openly admitted she got lip fillers so she wouldn’t be teased by boys. And let’s be honest, which Kardashian has not had botox?


And that’s just the procedures. Then they have their daily facials, skin peels, hair extensions, glam squad, style team, the list goes on and on…

It’s not all unnatural though. The Kardashian/ Jenner clan are as much into their health and fitness as they are into their procedures. They are known to do intense HIIT training on a daily basis, and posting these workouts regularly across their social media accounts. Let’s remember, we can’t ALL have personal trainers to come to our house and kick our arses.

They stick to a healthy, low-carb, low-gluten, low-everything diet. With hundreds of memes dedicated to why they only seem to eat salad.


Now let’s be clear here. We are absolutely not about body shaming. Most of the Kardashians do look amazing. What we’re trying to get across here, is that there are unrealistic expectations on women to look this way. The “perfect”and “natural” and “full figured” body for the modern woman. Hmm.

The Kardashian/ Jenners were not born looking this way. They spent a lot of time, energy and money getting to what they look like today. If people want to use a little cosmetic help on their body, then that is their choice and we’re not here to judge. But if people are consistently comparing themselves, and their bodies to people who don’t naturally look they way they do, then that is what’s damaging.

Live right, eat healthily and exercise. Nobody should be ashamed of what they look like.

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