It’s shiny, it’s silver, it’s over-sized.

It’s futuristic, it’s practical (kinda), it’s warm.

It’s traffic-stopping, it’s ridiculously cool and it’s in.

What is not to love about the jacket of the season – the over-sized silver puffa coat?


Can we all just take a second to appreciate how absolutely bomb Kourtney Kardashian looks in this?

Silver may not be the most inconspicuous of colours but it sure does make an outfit instantly look a million times better. We’re pairing ours with ankle grazers and pointed Chelsea boots for the perfect ‘gals go brunch’ing’ look and with a mini dress (and pointed Chelsea boots – oh, so versatile) for our office Christmas party. Why be boring when you could look like a futuristic, avatar-style, gorgeous alien, huh?

Say no to pencil dresses and yes to sparkly ones and silver jackets.

There’s an array of them on the High St right now but we’re heading straight to Asos and Zara for the best picks.

Swooning so hard right now.






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