Cyber weekend is almost here and we’re getting chills just thinking about it. It seems like it was only yesterday, videos showing crazed Americans scrambling over each other to nab the last iPhone were doing the rounds on YouTube. Gass. Us over on the other side of the pond know that there is a little more to Cyber Weekend than actually going to the shops. Hello to the power of the Internet.

So what are the essentials to know coming up to the craziest shopping weekend of the year? Well batten down the hatches, don’t take unnecessary journeys and don’t get buyers remorse, this is serious people.

Rule Number 1:

All sites are getting in on the action nowadays, whether it be fashion, tech, interiors or holidays. So think about what you really need and start exploring the best deals for you. Revamping your wardrobe? Done. New couch for the house? Sorted. Flight to New York. Get on them quick as they’ll be gone in now time.

Rule Number 2:

Things are going to sell out. Fast. So you really need to be prepared. Spending the week leading up to Cyber Weekend creating and editing your wishlists is a smart move. Then, be ready to pounce.

Rule Number 3:

It’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping. Get that list ready and you’ll find everything from personalised garden rake for your Dad, to a shiny new Lady On The Rock for your Granny. Christmas all sorted in one weekend from the comfort of your home. You don’t even need to get dressed.

So where to go? Here’s our top offers for the weekend to end all weekends

Life Style Sports: 15% off ERRTHANG


PrettyLittleThing: Up to 50% off in daily deals in lead up to Cyber Weekend


Asos: Up to 50% off cold-weather wins in lead up to this weekend



New Look: Up to 50% off with new products being added daily


Argos: Save 25% on Homeware when you spend over €30. Code: HOME25


Littlewoods: Daily new deals in the lead up to this weekend


Amazon: Daily new deals in the lead up to this weekend


Debenhams: Up to 30% off in every apartment all week



Phew, that is too many bargains for one person to take in. Keep checking back as we’ll be bringing you the best products in fashion, tech and interiors for this weekend. Now get some rest, it’s going to be a turbulent weekend.

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