She’s been Americas sweetheart from 1998 to 2016 (although maybe not 2007 Britney) and this gal is queen of the comebacks. Oh how we’ve missed her. All the way back to her perfect, pop-princess roots we’ve been major fans, like major. Who didn’t have a perfectly co-ordinated dance routine to “Hit Me Baby One More Time“? Drooled over her sparkly 90’s attire? And cried their eyes out when her and Justin didn’t make it? Still getting over that one to be honest.

Well Britney Spears is back with a new song, and if we’re honest…..we LOVE it. It’s called Slumber Party and it’s featuring Tinashe. It’s a reggae inspired dance number, and quite different to previous singles she has released.

“She is the chameleon of pop though.”

Now we had to go and watch the video, and it is….steamy. Check it out yourself.

VERY steamy. Kudos to her for her stellar dance skills though. Wouldn’t it be great to see Britney and Beyonce in a dance off? Just picture that.

Let’s be clear though. It’s nowhere near Britney’s best video. Well she has had some many absolute stompers in fairness.

So we took a little jog down memory lane, and now we present to you, Britney’s top 5 best music videos. Enjoy.

5) “Toxic”:

Those outfits though.

4) “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

The one where Sabrina the Teenage Witch makes an appearance.

3) “Me Against The Music”

Bit of Madonna, bit of filth.

2) “I’m A Slave 4 U”

Abs. That is all.

1) “…Baby One More Time”

Who didn’t want to go to an American high school after this?


Britney, oops you’ve done it again. LOL.

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