There’s not a whole lot of occasions where I would use the sentence, ‘wow, this beauty trend actually changed my life’. In fact, there’s never been a time before now. Yes, the realisation that over plucking my eyebrows was hideous and pointless was pretty profound. And yes, the whole contouring trend has really changed my face from moon-face to structured-face. And now that I think about it, my nails have never looked better since the discovery of shellac.

“But it wasn’t until I shaved my face for the first time that I realised a beauty trend could actually change your life.”

I had been a pretty hairy Mary all my life (my mam’s words – not mine). Nothing compared to Cornelius from Planet of the Apes or anything but I had been blessed with dark hair and sallow skin. And by blessed, I mean burdened.

I can hear all the angry cries from ye of pale Irish skin and red hair but it really is a burden because with the dark hair, comes dark hair in places that only a man should have to deal with. Le Sigh. Think side burns, upper lip, and too far from the forehead hair line for comfort.

In my 30-something years of life, I’ve plucked, threaded, waxed and considered laser hair removal many, many times – until my bank balance laughed in my face. I had been growing sick and tired of the 5 o’clock shadow or that peach fuzz that mocked me on particularly bright sunny days. And when it came to applying make-up, I would constantly recoil in horror at the sheer amount of fuzz I could see when my foundation was applied and my powder was set.

The horrors of being a hairy Mary, eh?

But then, like most millennial women my age, I discovered the joy of the Youtube tutorial. How had I not known about this before? How is it that 14-year-olds are more in-the-know than I am? How have I just managed to get lost in three hours of make-up and beauty tutorials and how on earth do I not own 16 different blending brushes? I’m a pathetic excuse for a woman.

But then I came across a video that changed everything. It was a tutorial of a woman shaving her face. Why, you ask? For the removal of hair, for it’s exfoliation properties, for it’s anti-aging properties, for a smoother make-up application. There was so much more to note than just hair removal.

So after watching multiple videos and discovering all the amazing benefits of it, I decided to give it a go. And it changed my life (have I mentioned it changed my life?).

I am now 10 days in and haven’t even noticed the slightest bit of stubble – yep, really! My skin has never felt as smooth and applying make-up has never been so easy. No more fuzz to deal with, no more cowering away from bright sunshine. No more nerves when getting up close and personal with someone – when I realised I hadn’t waxed in a while.

It’s pretty amazing.



Now I know there has defintiley been some back lash on this subject with women saying they now have to deal with stubble and constantly having to shave. But for me, it worked. And I’ve never been happier. Or more hairless.

Talk to me in 20 years when I’m having to shave three times per day with all those menopausal hormones floating around though and I might feel differently.



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