The IT boot of the moment has to be the Valentino Garavani Starstudded 75 Ankle Boots. Altogether now….DIVIIIINE. With it’s premium leather design, square toe, block heel and just enough ode to Bowie, these are the disco boots for the mature generation. Edgy, luxurious and all types of sparkle, they are the perfect finishing touch to pretty much any outfit.

VALENTINO GARAVANI Starstudded 75 Ankle Boots

But with a bit of a hefty price tag, €1,200 just so you know. How do you justify dropping that amount on little ole me?

Well here’s how.

As we said before, these boots will complete any outfit. So let’s say you wear the boots three times a week over the course of a year (Valentino never goes out of style obvs).

That means that you’re looking at only €7.60 per wear.

That is practically nothing. Let me tell you what else you can get for €7.60

1 X Large Big Mac meal from Mc Donalds (hold the curry sauce)

1 X Cocoa Brown travel set

1 X Vogue Magazine with dairy milk bar

1 X Shellac removal

2 X Morning Lattes

1 X Netflix month

So really, when you think about it, this investment isn’t even that excessive, and makes the most logical, and more importantly, economical sense.

Just feast your eyes on these beauties and then make a decision.

VALENTINO GARAVANI Starstudded 75 Ankle Boots

Now go forth and splurge. You deserve it.

Shop them here now!

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