Some beauty trends we’ll never be able to get our heads around. 2016 was the year that beauty took a major leap (forwards or backwards we’re not entirely sure) and blurred the lines between practical and downright bizarre. Between clown contouring, shaving your face, thermal highlighting and bubble nails, it seems women are trisexuals when it comes to beauty.

“I’m a trisexual. I’ll try anything once”

Samantha, Sex And The City. #NeverForget

But when it comes to beauty hacks, we’ll try them all – and multiple times at that so we can find the quickest, easiest, most pain-free way of beautifying ourselves.

With some beauty bloggers using anything and everything as beauty ‘hacks’ (did you check out this blogger using a sanitary towel to line her eyes?!), we’ve decided to investigate the real hacks.

Considering we spend approximately an hour each day, seven hours each week and 28 whole fockin’ hours each month beautifying ourselves, what’s really going to improve your daily routine?

5. Eyeshadow for your roots

 This is one hack we can definitely get on board with. Haven’t been to the hairdressers in a while? Roots in need of a good colour? Don’t fret hunnae. Just grab your eyeshadow palette with a colour similar to your own hair colour and dab the shadow into your exposed roots. Not only will this cover up your roots, it will also make your hair appear thicker and more voluminous. Winning.


4. Light it Up!

Heat up your eye liner with a flame (careful now m’dear) and it will glide on like liquid. No more fumbling around with kohl lines, three tissues and leaking eyes.



3. Oh, parfum!

Apply your perfume in the following areas – your pulse points that is – and you’ll smell wonderful for hours on end. Say goodbye to spritzing every hour and hello to more money in your wallet.


2. Make it last!

One of the hardest things about being a woman (OK not really but it’s a bit of a pain in the ass) is your lipstick smudging or fading throughout the day/night. UGH.

But alas, we have an amazing hack to get past this. Simply apply your lipstick, lay a tissue on your lips and lightly dust a translucent powder on top. Sorted.


1. Brighten up.

An age old trick that will totally change your life! Apply your concealer in a triangle under your eyes for an instant (and cheap as chips!) face lift – and will instantly reduce any dark circles or red pigmentation’s.




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