How To Wear Ankle Grazers When It’s Bloody Freezing Out

If you were a pair of trousers, what kind would you be? Think about it – it’s a tough one. Would you be your trusted pair of black skinny jeans – the jeans you rely on come rain, hail or shine? The jeans that’ll look just as chic at the office as they do on a Friday night with the gal pals. Or would you  be the new mom jeans you’ve recently added to your wardrobe? The jeans that, surprisingly, don’t give you a 90’s mom butt – in fact, they give you quite a rounded, pert butt, if you do say so yourself. Or would you be those chic cigarette pants you bought five years ago and have gotten you through every work meeting you’ve attended – even those work meetings with your scary boss?

Me? I would be a pair of ankle grazers without a shadow of a doubt.

Partially because I’ve been wearing ankle grazers all my life, even before they were cool. Nope, I’m not just ‘ermahgawd, way ahead of the trends’, I’m just pretty tall. At 5’10, the only pants I’ve owned since I was 15 are ankle grazers and I am a-ok with that, particularly since Chiara Feragni made ankle grazers the best thing since sliced bread – all hail that Italian “bloggess” – that’s blogging goddess fyi.

But one thing that gets me every year is the impossibly cold weather and trying to come to some sort of fashion agreement with myself on how I can survive the breeze while flashing my ankles – and looking pretty darn cool while doing so.

The solution? Socks.

Yep, it’s as simple as that. Chunky, fluffy, glittery, sparkly, sporty goodness. Whatever you choose, just make sure you keep those ankles warm. And if you’re still under the illusion that wearing your socks pulled up high is a total Dad move, then get yourself out from under that rock you’ve been living under girl! Dad’s have had their go at rocking the socks and shoes trend but unfortunately, pairing hideous socks with hideous sandals was never going to impress us. Now the women have stepped in with their take on socks and shoes and of course, reigned supreme in the fashion stakes once again.

We’re pairing ours with longline camel coats, ridiculously oversized puffa jackets and scarves so big, they double up as a couch throw.

If you’re not wearing ankle grazers and socks, you’re not living. And if you don’t take a picture, did it even happen?

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