They say that you’re not really a Z list celebrity unless you’ve released a work-out DVD (or the 2016 version of this – a workout Vlog/podcast).

But what happens when an A-lister (yes, it kills us to say A-listers when we refer to the Kardashians) like Khloe Kardashian releases a whole series dedicated to working out, getting fit and being able to finally reveal that ‘Revenge Body’? Barf.

Not that we have anything against pushing yourself to the limit and finally being able to get that body you want and deserve. If you are motivated enough to finally rid yourself of that extra bulge – or in some cases, ridding yourself of nearly half your body fat – we are in absolute awe of you. You bloody rock!

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And not that we have anything against Khloe Kardashian. In fact out of all of them, we here in Opsh HQ are in collective agreement that she is the fave Kardashian.

What we really have a problem with is the term ‘Revenge Body’.

We understand it’s origins given the highly publicised breakdown of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s marriage – and the incredible transformation Khloe went through to get the body she has today. But the fact that this transformation has now been deemed a ‘Revenge Body’ and Khloe Kardashian is happy to consent to this term is baffling to us.

Why did Khloe have to get revenge on her ex by shaking her recently toned curves in his face? Did she have to spend hours in the gym just to get into that perfect itsy bitsy dress and put  a selfie on Instagram (via Facebook, so he definitely see’s it of course)?

Is consolation for your recently heartbroken friend now going to be,”don’t worry chicken, you were way too good for him. And you know how you can prove that? Go get yourself a revenge body?”

Sorry, Khloe – but we’re not sold.

What happened to working out for yourself? For your mind? For fun? And for alleviating the little stresses of life?

Or you know, working out to work off that tub of Ben and Jerry’s you ate the night before because you want to look and feel good for yourself – and not for a man?

Seems like we’re a hop, skip and a Kardashian TV show away from going dangerously backwards and only ever doing things to suit others. We don’t know about you but 1950’s housewife vibes just don’t suit us.

That’s just our opinion though – check out the trailer below and let us know what you think


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