Whether you’re recently engaged or as single as Bridget Jones’ (circa beginning of 2001 that is), there’s a collective feeling among us Irish women that planning your honeymoon is one of those milestone moments in your life. Even more so than the honeymoon itself.

No, not with your fiance – with a group of your nearest and dearest – and more times than not, prosecco-drunk – girl friends of course.

We here in Opsh HQ are firm believers that you don’t have to be engaged to be planning every minute detail of your honeymoon – yes, even down to the outfit you’ll be wearing on the plane, which is arguably one of the most important things.

But obviously enough, location is what really gets our blood rushing when it comes to honeymoon-planning.

And there’s nothing quite like these seven locations that will either get your blood rushing with excitement – or make you weep with envy. And no, we’re not even slightly exaggerating here.


Bora Bora


A place so nice, they named it twice. That’s not exactly fact but here, you’ll be treated to crystal clear water as far as the eyes can see, whiter than white sand and an air of Kardashian wealth that only a secluded semi-private island would get you. Bora Bora is one of those islands you’ll have on your bucket list for years before realising it’s too far away, too expensive or you’re just too immersed in your painfully boring work-life that you couldn’t possibly take time away from the office.

We’re joking. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips and your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to jet away.



Ever since that Expedia ad hit the silver screen last year, we have been dying to swim with pigs in the Bahamian seas.

“Who knew swimming with pigs could look so appealing?”

We’re looking to Big Major Cay, aptly known to locals as Pig Island, for inspiration for our honeymoon. If we could be half as happy as this little piggy wiggy looks, we’ll be able to die happy.


Santorini, Greecehoneymoon-spots

Ugh, would you just look at those buildings? That piercing blue ocean? Those heinous looking mountains in the background? Who on earth would want to endure such a trip.

We do, dear God we do. Santorini is one of those magical places that look exactly like it’s supposed to, as portrayed in movies (think Mama Mia!) – and even more beautiful than that, if you could imagine.

Mauritius, East Africa


Again, if you’re the type of person who likes white sand, crystal seas, yachts floating along the horizon and an ice-cold margarita in your hand, Mauritius might just be a good shout.

We feel dizzy with the prospect of all that luxury.

Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica


Feeling adventurous? Enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Costa Rica with the adventures included – think parasailing, rock climbing and more.

If you’re feeling flush, check in to the Four Seasons resort (pictured above). Rooms are available from only $470. Spare change, right?


Paris, France


Ooooh mon cherie – Ce qui pourrait être plus beau que paris?

Nothing is quite as beautiful or romantic than the city of love? As much as we gag at those who engaged engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower, we are also slightly jealous. Like, come on. How did they find a man so romantic, when we can barely get our men to put the toilet seat down after use?

Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza ain’t all party-going and bed-hopping, doncha’know? There are some beautiful areas in Ibiza that make you feel a million miles away from the wild nightlife – when in reality, it’s only a a hop, skip and a lumo vest to your nearest Super Club.

The old town in Ibiza is so beautiful it will bring tears to your eyes -although that could just be the hangover-induced heightened emotions.

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