I’ll have to let you in on a little secret here; I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person. I’m a non-verbal, grunting, unreasonably angry person when I just wake up. It doesn’t even matter if I’ve had the perfect amount of sleep, there is just something about that alarm going off in the morning that turns me into the biggest grump for at least half an hour – or more. I’m not proud of it.

My morning routine used to go a little something like this…

BEEP BEEP: snooze

BEEP BEEP: snooze

BEEP BEEP: crap I’m going to be so late

No time to wash my hair – dry shampoo it is. I can totally do my make-up on the Luas, that’s not weird. Eurgh, the boyfriend wants to talk about plans later, ignore, ignore. Panic, panic, run for the luas. NO CHANGE ARGHHH.

OK, I’m walking, nay running to work. Arriving to work a sweaty, grumpy shell of a woman. And REPEAT.

Obviously this is not the ideal way to start a day. When my friend suggested morning yoga, I nearly choked on my espresso shot. Me? Get up early and basically do exercise? Never going to happen! But something had to change in my routine, so eventually I decided to give it a go. And you know what?

“I’ve never looked back.”

Setting my alarm those 20 minutes earlier seemed like torture to begin with. But once I began those morning stretches and got into my place of Zen, the morning didn’t seem like such a scary place after all. It centers my mind and my body for the day ahead, and means that my day doesn’t start in a ball o f stress. Not only has it increased my mood in the morning, it has also helped me be laser-focused in work, no ‘3pm slump and reach for the sugar fix’ for me.

As a religious morning hater, I’ve now completely been transformed into a Namaste morning-lover. Obviously bar the weekend, gurl needs to catch up on beauty sleep.

So if I’ve nearly convinced you into becoming a morning yogi, here’s a couple if tips that helped get me started

Prepare the night before

Super important to be prepped the night before, either packing up your gym bag with the necessities, or laying out your yoga gear and mat at home

Warm water with lemon

Start the day right with some warm water with lemon. This helps with detoxifying your system and waking your brain up. Great for your skin too.

Take it slow

If you’re new to yoga don’t be throwing yourself into the Wounded Peacock pose, you will just end up damaging yourself. Check out your local gyms for beginner yoga classes, or check out the numerous yoga tutorials online and do it from the comfort of your own home.



image- gymbox.com

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