As much as we hate to admit it, it’s finally time to let all the Christmas noise in. Yes, it’s only November, but we’ve noticed the Christmas creep since early September and quite frankly, we just don’t have the energy to ignore it anymore.

And with that Christmas feeling, comes those Christmas ads – and no one does Christmas ads quite like John Lewis. Every year for the last six years, they’ve had the public on tenterhooks waiting to see if this year, they’re going to go for tear jerking, uplifting, heart-warming or invigorating.

Note – it’s usually tear jerking.

So, we’ve decided to create a list of the John Lewis ads and give them the official Opsh ranking. Are we spot on or so wrong?


2012 – The Journey

Although we like the music, the idea and the journey this adorable little snowman faces, it’s a little weaker than the rest. Not sad enough to induce tears, not happy enough to be uplifting. We could take it or leave it if we’re being honest. 



2015 – #ManonTheMoon

Although we loved everything about this ad – from the production to the acting to the music (they always knock it out of the park with their music!), The Man on The Moon was definitely too upsetting for our fragile hearts. It’s metaphorical meaning was all too real and although we immediately called up our nana’s and grandad’s to tell them we love them, there was still the heavy reality that many old people don’t have that.

Tears for days.



2014 – Monty The Penguin

Another tearjerker, this is not to be watched by the sad, lonely or recently single ladies around Christmas. Sure wouldn’t we all like to receive the gift of love this Christmas, John Lewis? Stop rubbing it in our faces.



2016 – Buster The Boxer

The newest addition to John Lewis’ Christmas tradition, Buster The Boxer is one of our favourites so far – partly because it hasn’t reduced us to big, blubbering messes (although, check back in with us  when it’s that time of the month and we may feel differently) and partly because it’s the first ad to have a dog as the front-man. And we all know, dogs make everything better.



2013 – The Bare and The Hare

Lily Allen’s angelic voice paired with this dangerously emotional animation was nearly too much to handle back in 2013. We haven’t felt so upset over a cartoon since Bambi – why you do this to our hearts John Lewis?



2011 – The Long Wait

One of the first John Lewis ads that truly brought a tear to our eyes, The Long Wait follows a little boy’s journey to Christmas day. We see him impatiently counting down each day – assuming that he’s eager to open his presents on Christmas morning – not unlike the rest of us. But low and behold, the morning comes and the little boy runs past his grand display of presents and straight into his wardrobe where we grabs a gift he’s been stashing for mammy and daddy. Cuteness. Overload. And with Slow Moving Millie’s Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want playing in the background, there was not a dry eye in sight back in 2011.

God, why can’t we all be as selfless as this little boy!







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