Although there was 500 million reasons not to vote for Trump, it could all boil down to one: “Grab ‘Em By The Pussy”. And yet, on one of the bleakest days in modern history, Trump won. He. Actually. Won. And to add further insult to injury, 53% of white women voted for Trump.


This was the dirtiest, most distasteful, most surreal campaign the modern world witnessed and in it, everything reduced into binary mud-slinging.

“But the real terror, the real tragedy was that this felt like a war on women.”

But we want to celebrate something. We want to celebrate the sacrifice that Hillary Clinton made for women everywhere. Although she was ultimately pushed off the podium, Hillary attempted to break the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” for women – she withstood the most vile sexism and misogyny to continue in her mission. And she did not fail, for she paved a new dialogue, a new sense of ambition, a new sense of urgency and responsibility. Although we cannot call Hillary the President of the United States, we can take her baton and pass it on to every woman in the world so that together, we can all strive for more and for better.

As a gesture of commitment, here are 10 of our favourites reasons we’re #StillWithHer – taken directly from her campaign manifesto – and they still ring true.

1. She declared on the world stage that “gay rights are human rights.”

2. She’s against guns.

3. She has called out the Republicans’ offensive, inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric because she knows it’s against our values as Americans—and our national security.

4. She’s set a big goal: more than half a billion solar panels installed across the country by the end of her first term.

5. Because we need to put an end to campus sexual assault.

6. Because it’s time to end conversion “therapy” for LGBT minors.

7. Reform mandatory minimum sentencing.

8. She’s been fighting for women and children her entire career—ever since she started working at the Children’s Defence Fund after law school.

9. Guaranteed paid family leave.

10. Because a woman’s place is in the White House.


Check out this link right here to find the full list of 133 reasons Hillary should have been President – but also why her legacy will now live on.

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